Signs that It’s Time to Call the Doctor

September 9th, 2012
When you have a new baby, knowing the signs that it's time to call the doctor is crucial. While many baby ailments are easily handled at home there are a few warning signs your baby will give you to let you know it's time to call the doctor.

A fever can be very serious, and if you cannot get the fever to go down within a few hours you need to give the doctor a call. A baby who maintains a high fever for too long can have a fever-related seizure which can be dangerous if left untreated. A fevered baby can cry loudly without being easily comforted, can refuse food or be unable to sleep.

A rash is another reason to seek a doctor. If your baby has a rash covering its body or has a diaper rash that is bleeding or has sores, you may need to seek doctor care to ensure that your baby does not have allergies or other serious symptoms. While a serious rash is not entirely common, it should be treated seriously if it looks unusual to you or if your baby cannot be comforted or calmed down. If you are unsure about anything, always call a doctor to be on the safe side.

Cloth Vs. Disposable: Which Is Best for Your Baby?

September 7th, 2012
If you are expecting your first child or have a baby who is still in diapers, you might be wondering about the type of diaper products available. There are pros and cons to using both cloth and disposable diapers. The biggest pro to the disposable product is the ability to simply toss them away when they are soiled. Cloth diapers need to be soaked in detergent and laundered to remove the soil and bacteria from the fabric. Taking care of cloth diapers is more time consuming than using disposable ones.

The cons for disposable diapers certainly include the amount of time it takes for this product to break down in landfills. People interested in saving the environment often choose to use the cloth diapers over the disposable ones to save the environment from toxic landfills. Cloth diapers can also be softer and safer for babies who have sensitive skin. Disposable diapers contain artificial materials designed to pull the wetness away from baby's skin, but the artificial materials themselves could cause irritation on the delicate skin babies have. Cloth diapers are also less expensive than disposable ones because they are washed and reused. Some parents use cloth diapers while keeping disposable ones on hand for travel.

How to Introduce Your Older Child to New Baby

September 6th, 2012
Having a baby is a wonderful experience but when you have older children, knowing how to introduce your older child to new baby can prove to be a challenge. The key is to not push the issue and let your older child explore the new baby on their own. This way, they don't feel threatened by the new arrival. Here are some tips to introducing your older child to a new little one in the home.

Gushing and loving on your new baby is fine, but you need to give the same type of attention to your older child to prevent jealousy. Often, giving a gift to your older child from the new baby is a great way to break the ice. Provide a gift celebrating the older child as a big brother or sister so they don't feel left out of the excitement of a new baby.

Also, give your older child time to adapt to the new little one. If they don't want to meet their new brother or sister right away, that's OK. Let them get used to the new baby on their own time so they don't feel pressured or threatened into meeting the new baby.

Top Books to Help Your Prepare for Your Baby

September 2nd, 2012
When you are having a baby, you are going into a whole different world. There is so much to learn and one of the very best ways to do so is to read books. Books can help you gain useful information and be more prepared for your baby. There are some books that are the top choices.

The first choice on your list should be Heading Home From The Hospital With Your Newborn: From Birth To Reality. This book is specifically geared toward the first few weeks with your baby and helps you learn everything you could possibly need to know.

Another such book is What To Expect The First Year. This is a wonderful book and covers any topic you can imagine. The book is broken down into chapters that go month by month in a baby's development. You can read the whole book at one time or as your baby grows.

Also a wonderful choice is Your Baby's First Year. This book is by the American Academy of Pediatrics who is the expert on all things baby. You can expect this book to be nothing but expert advice. It covers many topics concerning your baby's health and well-being.

Five Things to Bring to the Hospital

September 1st, 2012
One of the things that you should think about as the time gets closer to your delivery date is what you will take to the hospital. There are five essential things that you will need to take with you to make things easier for you and your baby.

Unless you plan on leaving with the hospital gown, you need to take clothes for yourself. Loose clothing that is easy to get on is best. You also need to take clothing for your baby. A sleeper or Onesie is great depending on the time of year the baby is born. Make sure you take your toiletries. Shampoo, soap and any makeup that you might wear can be packed with your other items.

In order to process your insurance, you need to take your insurance card with you. Don’t leave home without any important documents that you need for the billing department of the hospital.

You can take a baby book so that the nurses can put a print of the baby’s foot in it. The time and day of the birth can also be recorded. Some hospitals allow you to bring snacks with you. Pack a few things for your husband or partner so that he does not get hungry while in the room.